The Benefits of the táami berry

Immense Potential for táami berry

The táami berry is a small miracle fruit that has the power to modify our perception of flavors, making sour and bitter flavors taste extremely sweet and delicious. The use for this amazing product spans numerous areas and has the potential to completely transform the way we think about food and flavors. Here are just a few of the benefits of using táami berry:

For Diabetics

Diabetes is an extremely difficult medical conditions to live with. It demands a healthy lifestyle, a disciplined diet, and exercise. Unfortunately, it often limits what one can eat, and therefore, what flavors and sensations you can enjoy… until now! With a single táami berry, diabetics can healthfully liberate their palates and enjoy sweet and satisfying flavors without the use of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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For Taste Loss

About 50% of patients undergoing chemotherapy experience changes in the way that food tastes. Food is often reported to take on an unpleasant metallic taste, while others experience a complete loss of ability to taste all together.

Eating healthy is a major component to having energy, staying healthy, and continuing the fight against cancer. According to new studies being done at Mt. Sinai hospital, táami berry has the ability to rejuvenate the taste buds of those experiencing taste loss, allowing people to enjoy food once again.

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For Health & Wellness

One of the keys to healthy lifestyle is limiting the amount of sugars that one consumes. Unfortunately, one of the biggest worries for people attempting to eat more healthfully is their inability to satisfy their cravings for sugar. Worry no more! táami berry gives people the ability to satisfy these cravings for sugar without consuming any sugar at all. In addition, after using táami berry, cravings will begin to shift toward healthier alternatives such as strawberries and grapefruits. This is an important step in shifting to a healthier lifestyle!

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For Nightlife, Drinks & Events

Party Behind the BarTransform a normal night into an experience that you will want to repeat over and over again. The táami berry can be used to make healthier versions of popular and original cocktails that taste significantly better than the real thing! Vodka and tequila with lemon or lime tastes better than you ever thought possible. Guinness will taste like chocolate milk, Bud Light, like a sweet club soda. You can save money too! Forget about Patron, Grey Goose, and the rest of the over-priced top shelf liquor items. With táami berry, house liquor now tastes better than the best liquor money can buy.

Throwing flavor events is not only a fun and exciting project, you also have the power to bestow people with the ability to make a difference in their lives through health and wellness. Not to mention, you can make money doing it!

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For Restaurants and Bars

The Thornton Cocktailtáami berry is a great opportunity to generate buzz for your restaurant, bar or club. Offering táami berry at your establishment is a new and exciting way to drive sales and bring in new customers. At your restaurant, try offering new drink or dessert items that incorporate the táami berry. At your bar, throw weekly táami berry events to kick-start drink sales and increase revenue. Make your customers want to come back time and time again for an experience that they wont be able to stop talking about.

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