Frequently Asked Questions

What is the táami berry?

táami berry is a small miracle fruit that has the power to modify our perception of flavors, making sour and bitter flavors taste sweet and delicious.

How does a táami berry change the way that things taste?

táami berry contains a protein called Miraculin that coats our taste buds upon contact and causes the sweet taste bud receptors to fire when they encounter food and drinks that contain acidity (i.e.; sour and bitter flavors). Therefore, for 30 minutes up to an hour, many sour and bitter foods will taste sweet and delicious.

Where does táami berry come from?

táami berry is grown in the West African country of Ghana and is sent directly from the farms to our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Why haven’t most people heard of táami berry?

The FDA reclassified the product as a food additive in the 1970s, making it more difficult to market the product in America. táami berry is also a brand new product that is beginning to make a name for itself all across the country.

Is táami berry safe to eat?

Yes. The táami berry is 100% natural and completely safe to eat. Numerous studies with animals have shown that those being fed táami berry for an extended period of time actually ended up healthier than those that were not. Additionally, there have been no reports in the United States, Japan, West Africa or elsewhere that the táami berry has ever harmed anyone.

Is táami berry legal?

Yes. táami berry is currently considered a food additive which makes it legal to sell, own and consume in the United States.

How do I use táami berry?

Whether you are using the crushed táami berry or the frozen berries, make sure to swoosh around in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute to ensure that you’ve covered your entire tongue. Wait another minute to ensure that you leave time for the effect to kick in and then enjoy! Sour and bitter foods and drinks work best. We recommend trying lemon, lime, grapefruit, strawberry, green apples, goat cheese, greek yogurt, Guinness, and vodka or tequila with lemon or lime. For additional information, please visit our How to Use page.

How long does táami berry last?

Generally, táami berry lasts for anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour before it wears off.

How should I store táami berry?  Will it go bad?  How long will it last?

The frozen berries are extremely perishable and must be kept in the freezer at all times until you decide to use them or they may spoil and lose their effect. They will stay good for up to 3 months from when you receive them but for best results, use within the first 2-4 weeks. The crushed táami berry is much more stable and can last for up to a year if kept refrigerated or frozen. For best results use within the first 3 months. Do not let your frozen or crushed táami berry warm above 100° Fahrenheit.

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