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Healthy Citrus Cocktail

The táami Pucker Cocktail »

The táami Pucker Cocktail is a blend of citrus juices and rum. Without the táami berry, it has a tart flavor with a hint of sweetness. After táami berry, it is delightfully sweet with a hint a tartness.

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Like a sprite but with no sugar

Citrus Fizz »

This recipe contains zero grams of sugar and tastes like a natural version of the lemon/lime soft drinks that you know so well.

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taami berry Lemonade

Lemonade »

With one of the simplest recipes you can find, táami berry brings you a new lemonade. This delicious lemonade contains no sugar. Enjoy your freedom from the sugar monster.

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Iced tea sweetened with lemon or lime

Tea with Lemon »

Drinking tea is a healthy way get your caffeine and stay alert throughout the day. With táami berry, you can enjoy delicious, sweet tea with no sugar!

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Coffee sweetened with lemon

Coffee with Lemon »

This coffee is sweetened with lemon citrus bringing a pleasant new flavor to your mornings!

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The Thornton Cocktail »

Sip this cocktail as is, then halfway through, fully coat your tongue with táami berry. Then continue to enjoy the cocktail, noting the difference in flavors.

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Trim Amaretto Sour

Trim Amaretto Sour »

Like an Amaretto Sour but with fewer calories and better flavor!

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The táami Mojito

The táami Mojito »

All the mint and lime flavor of the original Mojito without the calories and sugar!

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Gemini's Grace Mixed Drink for taami berry

Gemini’s Grace »

Initially, this cocktail is tart but very enjoyable. After eating the táami berry, the drink develops a nicely balanced sweetness, and the sorrel takes on more of a forward note.

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