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What if you could…

  • Replace Vinaigrette with lemon in your salad dressing for a healthier, better tasting alternative?
  • Replace sugary soft drinks with soda and lemon without sacrificing taste or sweetness?
  • Replace unhealthy cream cheese with goat cheese for a delicious and nutritious spread?
  • Eat a sweet broccoli salad dressed with lemon that bursts with flavor?

It is a common complaint among long-suffering dieters: “if only low-calorie foods weren’t so bland…” The táami berry changes everything.

The táami berry Diet

People crave the taste of sweet foods but don’t actually want to consume the calories and sugar that are in those foods because of health problems and weight gain associated with eating too much sugar.

Consuming the táami berry allows people to enjoy an amazing sweetness without the problems associated with consuming sugar or artificial sweeteners.

According to Health Wordnet táami berry can have the following benefit

Turning good-for-you fruits like lemons and grapefruits into candy-like treats and transforming a sour Granny Smith apple into the best apple of your life could really help people stick to eating regimens that are otherwise difficult to tolerate.  Similarly, healthier goat cheese (lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than cream cheese) gets a major taste boost from miraculin so that it tastes like cream cheese.

More vegetables and fruits

Increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables that are consumed and decreasing the amounts of fats and empty calories is essential to achieve the nutritional values that are needed on a healthy diet.

Vegetables are considered complex carbohydrates and are not broken down into fats easily by the body. They consist more of nutrients, water and fiber, which helps with digestion and provides vitamins and minerals for our health. In addition to being harder to break down, they are also held in the digestive tract longer which helps keep hunger at bay for a much longer time. The táami berry can help people, especially children, to eat healthier foods, turning them into infinitely more appetizing and desirable options.

Apple Cider Vinegar

According to the Diet Health Club, apple cider vinegar has the ability to naturally accelerate weight loss because of the role it can take in reducing cholesterol and boosting the metabolism to burn calories.

The táami berry modifies the extremely sour taste of this beverage. After a single berry, the apple cider vinegar’s flavor is no longer unpleasant; rather, it takes on a much more enjoyable flavor similar to apple juice.

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