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Whether you are planning a get together at the house or a night on the town, táami berry can transform an ordinary evening into an unforgettable experience. If you are like most people, you may find yourself at the same bars, drinking the same drinks, with the same people on every night of the weekend – it gets old. táami berry can bring excitement to these ordinary nights. Forget the Joe Schmo special with 32 grams of sugar and a cherry on top. Try something new and bring healthy flavor into your evening.

Less Sugar, Fewer Calories, Better Tasting

Champagne and taami berryToo much sugar. Too many calories. Too strong. The táami berry’s flavor changing properties manifest itself particularly well in drinks and alcohol. Most people don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol, especially the more affordable brands. Many drinks and cocktails require a large amount of sugar in order to mask the harsh alcohol that they contain. Its hard to balance a healthy lifestyle with going to a bar for a drink with friends, but with táami berry, things are much more manageable. Forget the sugar. Forget the calories. Forget the harsh taste. The night just got better. With táami berry, a vodka with lemon juice tastes like lemonade. You no longer need a ton of sugar and empty calories to make the taste bearable. All you need is táami!

Save Money

Using táami berry when drinking can also save you money. House liquor will taste like top shelf.  For example, order a shot of house tequila, chilled, with a lime wedge. If you have ever had house tequila, you know that it isn’t usually very pleasant. But with táami berry, the shot tastes as good if not better than the contents of the glistening bottle of $11/shot reposado staring down at you. And lets not forget the lime wedge…delicious.

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Please use táami berry responsibly. In no way do we encourage the abuse of alcohol in conjunction with this product. It should be used strictly to help you enjoy beverages that you would have consumed otherwise. If through use of táami berry, you may approach boundaries of self control in relation to the consumption of alcohol, you should NOT use táami berry.

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