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taami berry platter with young dudetáami berry — New Flavor for Restaurants & Bars

Bars and restaurants throughout the country are beginning to offer the táami berry on their menus. Help your restaurant become a trend setter by offering the miracle berry that makes plain yogurt and strawberries taste like whipped cream and strawberry candy.

The táami berry is one of the most effective sweetening agent currently known to the culinary world. It also provides both health conscious consumers and diabetics the opportunity to enjoy the sweet taste typical of desserts and drinks without having to count carbohydrates and calories or worry about health risks.

Recipes for Pairing

We are continuously working to develop new recipes to add to our collection of drinks, desserts, appetizers, and dinner dishes that pair amazingly well with the táami berry. This rare berry is the perfect remedy for health-conscious individuals, with a sweet tooth, looking for a natural, healthy way to enjoy the sweet side of life.

taami berry hands outEvents

The Flavor Team has begun coordinating and hosting Flavor Events for, and alongside, restaurants, bars and clubs.  The word of mouth buzz generated from these events have proven to be effective in generating new business and introducing new patrons to your restaurant. Contact us to inquire about throwing an event at your establishment.

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